Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zucchini Attack!

So, I went out to the garden to pick one zucchini I knew was going to be ready today and look what I found!

There are also, of course, more forming. If you have never planted zucchini before, believe every story you have ever heard about them. You know the ones where people are giving their neighbors so much zucchini that the neighbors stop answering the door? Things like that...

Last year, our plants were attacked by squash borers towards the beginning of the season, but it is my hope that we will soon be dragging truckloads of zucchini to the food pantry.

Today is a good start! One of these small babies will be sampled by husband and I tonight and the rest will go to the pantry later this week along with cucumbers and hopefully greens, beets, and lettuce as well.

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