Monday, May 23, 2011

All-Church Work Day

Yesterday was All-Church Work Day! I'd never been before. There was always one excuse or another in the past, but I'll try not to miss another. What fun!

So much doing and getting done - and in the most fun way possible - with good people and with pizza! There was scrubbing, the moving, the painting, sorting, etc. inside and the long list I'd accumulated for outdoor work was done quickly and happily by a great group of folks. (Thank you all!)

Everything is well-weeded and the entire raised vegetable bed is full of plants, seeds, compost and trellising. If you face it from Francesca Avenue it will begin looking more and more like this general plan:

Here's some more snapshots of a good day:

turning over the soil
weed whacking

planting pansies along the sidewalk

surveying our progress

watering freshly-planted basil and chatting

planting tomatoes

puzzling over the irrigation system
planting squash (and beans and cukes)


  1. I swear, I was working! Not just surveying! (See, I'm wearing gloves and have a little itty bitty basil plant in my hand - and I'm looking right at the hole in that far bed where I planted it right after this photo was taken. :-)

    thanks for organizing an amazing garden workday - I can't wait to see everything grow!

  2. Ah, yes! I see it now! (I'm also hoping that surveying is also an important part of gardening, because I feel like I did a lot of it yesterday ;o))