Monday, May 30, 2011

First First Church Salad

A handful of gigantic 'French Breakfast' radishes

We had our first (people food) harvest of the season yesterday as well as the first First Church garden salad. It was gigantic! It could have made it even bigger, but there were a lot of people out of town for the holiday weekend. A number of congregants even pulled extra radishes from the garden for their personal use.

We had three types of radishes growing in the garden (until yesterday) including 'Easter Egg', and 'Crimson Giant'. The ones harvested in the salad, however, are the delicious 'French Breakfast'. They taste so tender and mellow compared to what you can experience from the supermarket.

Serving from a deep wooden bowl...
... and onto the plate. (No, the watermelon's not from the garden. Maybe someday.)

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