Friday, May 13, 2011

A Tree Party

This past Wednesday, a small group of people gathered to plant and bless First Church's new apple trees and enjoy apple treats (and pretend to be trees!). Many thanks to our hole diggers, tree planters, blessers, and The Boston Tree Party for hooking us up with heirloom trees for the church and parsonage lawns!

Planting apple trees turns out to be a surprisingly complicated process (Check out The Boston Tree Party website for more details,) but with any luck we'll have some beautiful little trees soon and delicious apples in a few years.

Right now we have been blessed with beautiful... well, sticks. And part of the process of putting these baby trees into the ground is making them even shorter sticks than when they arrived!

P.S. Now that these apple trees have been planted, we have five different types of fruit growing on church property. Do you know the other four? (Or perhaps I've forgotten something and there are actually more?)

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